Jeff Cordes is a folk singer based in Springfield, IL, the place of his birth but not of his raising. His formative years were spent 30 miles up the interstate in Lincoln. Leaving there at the age of 18, Jeff spent some time in a small town near the Sangamon River doing community service and teaching himself to play the guitar. It didn't take long to realize that the poems he'd been writing from an early age could easily be transformed into songs. Once it became clear to Jeff that songwriting was to be his passion in life, it was off to college. As he says in the song 'Only Son', "I just want to make my Mother proud". Read more

What's Goin' On

The Story of Rachael's 

On June 19th, 2015, the final weekend of spring, I set out for Bloomington, IN with my guitar and my girlfriend, all of us completely unaware that we were about to record my third album. We headed east, then southeast by mistake, then northeast, and finally east again until we arrived at Rachael's Cafe in plenty of time to prepare for my short opening set. The gig was to be a warm up for an ill-fated music festival, which would've been my first had heavy rain in the area not caused it to be canceled. We…

Back in the saddle. 

After a brief 9 month hiatus, I returned to performing in May with a show at the very cool Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios in Maplewood, MO. There was a bit of rust to be knocked off but not performing does not mean not playing so it wasn't long before I was in the groove. The show was recorded with the intention of sharing most of it but an operator (me) error led to an unusable recording. Maybe next time. June brings shows at the Farmers Market in downtown Springfield, Rachael's Cafe in Bloomington, IN…Read more

Going live. 

After much procrastination, self-doubt, and writer's block, my website is finally ready to go live. I, myself, am also ready to go live but have yet to schedule any shows. There was a private party earlier this month, where I was lucky enough to be on the bill with Job Shores from Chandlerville, IL and another one of my favorite IL folk singers who wishes to remain nameless. Something about management and bookers, you wouldn't understand, nor would I. Next month brings another backyard party, this time I am…Read more

The backside of winter. 

A much needed period of hibernation is coming to an end. Besides creating this website and getting fancy new business cards, I am currently going through my rather large back catalog re-working some old tunes and writing new material. A lot of my time last year was spent playing with SGSC but I have made the decision to return to performing solo for a while. You can expect to see some new dates in Springfield and the surrounding area pop up in the coming weeks. My final show with SGSC will be March 20 at…

Live Dates

Previous events


Private Party

Sutter, IL 62373


Private Party

Springfield, IL

Friday Night Music Series

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The Book House, 7352 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63143

Folk 'n Books V...The annual "Let Them Eat Art" festival will be going on throughout downtown Maplewood from 6-11. A great time to check out one of the cooler areas of St. Louis! Check out TheBookHouse.com for details!


Father Fest III

Private Party, Highway 104, Franklin, IL 62638

The 3rd annual Father Fest is a backyard blowout open to anyone willing to make the drive. Send an email for address details or just drive down 104 and stop when you see a big party!